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My Pride and Joy!
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My Wonderful Husband!
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Little Grips Review

We all know that toddlers are very, very messy eaters, but have you ever thought about the reason they are so messy? No, me either until I discovered Little Grips and after having “Bug” use them for a while it dawned on me it could be the utensils are way to big for their little hands. I was looking for “Bug” new eating utensils online when I came across Little Grips and I was really intrigued and was very excited when Laura decided to give us the chance to try them out.

About Little Grips(Taken From Website):

As the father of two children, I never paid that much attention to feeding skills until our daughter began to feed or try to feed herself. I became aware of the struggles she was facing with the fork and spoons available. No matter how hard she tried to maneuver the utensils she kept dropping the food and after no time at all she resorted to using her hands instead.

None of the existing utensils solved the problem, so out to my workbench I went and made my first prototype of Little Grips. I gave it to my daughter and without any prompting from me she immediately picked it up and began eating like a pro. We tried many different types of foods to see if the results would be the same, she could actually eat on her own without the mess and frustration.

We even tried to test her preference by putting a standard toddler fork on the highchair and she wanted nothing to do with it. Little Grips was the only fork she would use. We began to show our family and friends to see what they thought and the consensus was always unanimous, this is such a simple idea but yet so effective and helpful.

We began asking ourselves “are we the only parents who have faced this obstacle?” After a lot of prayer we decided we wanted to bring this product to the retail market; that is how Idea Blvd Inc. was created.

It doesn’t stop there, since then we have several other products in development that we look forward to introducing in the future. Not just baby products but inventions that will solve some of the most basic annoyances we face on a daily basis. Keep watching us and hopefully our products will add ease to your everyday life.

Our Thoughts:

“Bug” was sent a set of Little Grips to review. I was very excited to get this review going because I felt that after reading about the product on their website that this would really make a difference in the way “Bug” ate his foods! Boy, was I ever right, we have been using Little Grips now for quite a while and they are one of “Bug’s” must haves for meal time and he eats so well with them!
They are small enough to fit in his tiny hands and lets him get just the right size bites! I’ve also noticed that now that he can actually feed himself without a lot of frustration from dropping the food and stuff he actually eats more of his meals!

I’ve put the Little Grips in the dishwasher to was them most of the time and they stand up very well to the dishwasher so that to me is a huge plus since I really hate hand washing dishes….well just doing dishes in general!

Bottom Line:

We are all very happy with our Little Grips and I will be buying “Bug” some more in the future. I’ve also been thinking that these would be wonderful in gift baskets for new mothers or for a gift at a toddlers 1st birthday party! I’ve also been thinking that for “Bug’s” birthday party sending each of the toddler guest home with a set of Little Grips in their goodie bags!!

We have totally noticed a difference in “Bug’s” eating since getting these Little Grips and like I mentioned at the very beginning of this post I now truly believe the reason most toddlers make such a mess at feeding time is because they are trying to use utensils that are way too big for their tiny hands. Now we have a very small mess compared now with Little Grips than we did when he was using the same utensils the we grown-ups do.

Be sure to follow Little Grips on Facebook and on Twitter!!!

Buy It:
To purchase a set of Little Grips for yourself visit their website!

This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion with the product listed above. I did receive a set of Little Grips mentioned above complementary for this review. No monetary compensation was received.

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