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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox Review and Giveaway

Did you know Urinary Track Infections (UTI) affect more than 60% of women and are the second most common type of infection in the body? I’ve only had one and let me tell you it is absolutely no fun whatsoever so anything that can help treat them and help me take care of my urinary health to possibly keep them from coming back I’m right on board! I was recently introduced to Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox and was super excited to give it a try!

About Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox:

Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox – Take Charge of Your Urinary Health – 1 Tablespoon = 8 Glasses of Cranberry Juice

Cranberries have long played a role in helping many women, particularly those with recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs), to promote better bladder health. In fact, some 50 percent of women report drinking a lot of cranberry juice when they suspect they have a UTI, according to a survey conducted for Cystex. But drinking eight glasses of cranberry juice is not enjoyable or tolerable, and can be loaded with sugar and calories. A clinically-proven alternative is just one tablespoon of new Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox taken daily to promote urinary tract health, which can benefit millions of women most susceptible to recurring, painful urinary tract infections.

Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex combines the health benefit of eight glasses of cranberry juice in one tablespoon of its unique, convenient Proantinox cranberry formula. More than just cranberry concentrate, its proprietary blend also contains D-Mannose (from cranberries), bromelain (from pineapple), inulin, and vitamin C, a combination designed to boost bladder health.

Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex is backed by a new study being published in the journal Urology, which shows 91% of women taking daily Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox remained free of recurring UTIs. In addition, Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex:

Is lactose-, gluten- and sugar-free
Is only one calorie per tablespoon
Contains 17 times more proanthocyanidins (PACs) that cranberry tablets

More information on preventing and managing UTIs is available at www.cystex.com

My Thoughts:

I was sent a bottle of the Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox for review. Now, I myself love to drink Cranberry Juice and I keep it on hand and I’m very likely to drink at least one glass a day even when I don’t have a UTI or suspect one, but I think that the Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox would be perfect for someone who really don’t like Cranberry juice to help with their Urinary Health!

At first I was a little apprehensive about trying it simply because I’ve tried liquid supplements in the past and to be right up front with you they are nasty, but anyways I dug out my trusty tablespoon and took some of the Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox and to my complete surprise it didn’t taste bad at all, nor did it taste anything like Cranberries! The only thing that was a little weird about this was that I had a slight burning effect that didn’t last a second when swallowing it, so it defiantly won’t stop me from taking the again!

So I’ve been taking a tablespoon a day for the last week or so and I know it’s still to early to tell if it’s made a difference but I am going to continue to take it daily to help my urinary health! Now if you don’t like the taste of the Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox straight out of the bottle you can mix it with any hot or cold drink such as ice water (that’s the way I like to take it).

Bottom Line:

I will defiantly be keeping Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox a part of my morning routine with my breakfast to continue to help with my urinary health, and shoot if it can help keep me from getting another UTI I’m all in you know what I mean girls!!! Of course you do! My sister it seems like has one every other week and I’ve told her about the Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox so she is currently trying it herself so we will see how it goes with helping with a current UTI, which she said that it’s seemed to help already!

To find out more information on preventing and managing UTIs visit www.cystex.com. I have found the website to contain very useful information and since I’ve been checking it out I’ve learnt a lot about UTIs and how to protect my self from getting them and my sister herself has found the information very informative and useful!

Buy It:
To purchase Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox for yourself visit their website to find a store near you!

Win It:
Cystex has offered one of my readers a bottle of Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox so you can try it for yourself!

Mandatory Entry: Visit Cystex and tell me something you learnt that wasn‘t mentioned here! Please remember to leave your e-mail address if it’s not visible in your profile.

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This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion with the product listed above. I did receive a bottle of Cystex Liquid Cranberry Complex with Proantinox mentioned above complementary for this review. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. i learned that the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) reports that urinary tract infections (UTIs) account for more than 8.3 million doctor visits each year, making it the second most common type of infection in the body


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  6. I learned that UTI's are the 2nd most common infections!


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  8. What You See When You Pee: Dark Yellow Urine

    * Most Likely Means: You have not been drinking enough liquids and are likely dehydrated.
    * What to Do: Consume more water. Climate, activities and diet can impact hydration, but on average, we need at least 32 ounces of fluids per day.


  9. I learned that 1000 mg of vitamin C can inhibit the growth of some bacteria by acidifying the urine!


  10. One of the key factors that can negatively affect urination and the force of the stream that is necessary to flush the bacteria out of the body naturally is -
    Certain birth control methods, such as those inserted into the vagina (i.e. diaphragm,) and external lubricants containing Non-oxyl-9 which can cause localized irritation/allergic reaction


  11. You can buy it online for $9.99

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  14. You can get a UTI from simply having Poor posture...


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  16. Is there a connection between bubble baths and Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)?

    * Some doctors instruct their female patients to avoid taking bubble baths to prevent vaginal irritation. The chemicals and fragrances in some bubble bath mixtures can cause irritation to the skin in the urethro-vaginal region. However, bubble baths will not cause a urinary tract infection (UTI). To avoid any potential issues if you are prone to urinary or vaginal health conditions, it is probably best to avoid bubble baths altogether.

    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  17. avod bubble baths to prevent vaginal irratation ty.

  18. I learned i'm not drinking enough.


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