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My Pride and Joy!
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My Wonderful Husband!
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Supermarket Smarty Review

Have you ever went to the grocery store and realized you don’t have a clue of what all you need to purchase and end up forgetting things you really needed or got things you already had? Yeah, me too actually it happens to me all the time because I don’t always remember to make a list before I go but I recently found a product that makes it easier for me to remember my list and easy to take with me. It’s called Supermarket Smarty at it’s made my grocery shopping a whole lot easier!
About Supermarket Smarty (Taken From Website):
My name is Patricia and I created
Supermarket Smarty™.

Like many moms, I do most of the grocery shopping for my family, so it’s up to me to make sure we eat healthy while staying within our budget. A couple of years ago I was having some health issues and I consulted many books and websites to adjust my diet for healthy eating. During this time, I found that I needed an easy way to remember all the important foods to include in my diet as well as the nutrition advice I was hearing on television. There is a lot of information out there, so I started a little nutrition “crib sheet” to refer to from week to week that eventually became my shopping list. The list evolved into a dry erase format so it’s reusable. I added a meal planner, pocket for coupons and a magnifying lens to help people read fine print on nutrition labels. The list has become an indispensable tool for me as it not only organizes my grocery shopping but keeps my family on track for healthy eating.
I hope you find Supermarket Smarty™ as useful as I do and it helps you live a more balanced and healthful life!
My Thoughts:
I was sent a Supermarket Smarty to review and hopefully end my sometimes wasted trips to our local supermarket. I could not have been happier when our Smarty arrived and I put it to use first thing.
My husband is the worlds worst about telling me we need such-n-such but not taking time to write it down on my “old list” so I decided the best place for our Supermarket Smarty was on the refrigerator so that he can write it down before we both forget and so far it’s worked like a charm!!!
Another thing I love about the Supermarket Smarty is that it’s dry erase so once I have what I need I can just wipe it clean and it’s ready to go. I also love that it has a built in magnifying glass so that you can read the very important small print and ingredients on boxes.
I’ve been using the weekly meal planner that came with the Supermarket Smarty for the last couple of weeks and it’s sure has made a huge difference in our dinner since I can see what we are having I only have to buy what I need to make the meal and plus it’s cut down on our usual dinner arguments since we only plan our dinners once a week!

Bottom Line:

I love my Supermarket Smarty and won’t be caught going to the store without it ever again! It’s made grocery shopping for my family so much simpler and quicker now I can get in get what I need and get out instead of having to walk the isles and end up with more that what I needed in the first place. The recommendations on the Smarty is wonderful as well and has helped me make healthier food choices while shopping.

I don’t think anyone should ever go shopping without the help of a Supermarket Smarty!

 Buy It:
To purchase a Supermarket Smarty for yourself visit their website!

This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion with the product listed above. I did receive the Supermarket Smarty mentioned above complementary for this review. No monetary compensation was received.

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