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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thinking about starting your own business? You should check out Supercuts Ranked #1 Hair Care Franchise

Have you been thinking about opening up your own business during these tough economic times so that you can be sure to have a steady income for your family? I know the though has crossed mine and my husbands minds a million times, before I decided to go back to school and get my RN licensee in Labor and Delivery, but our biggest debate was what kind of business could we open where we would be sure to be able to make a decent living and not just go head over heels in debt just to shut down in a year or less? Well living in a very small town the question is still unanswered to us and although my father owns one of the only small engine repair shops in town we still have no idea, so we have dropped that idea for now but I want to tell all of you about an exciting opportunity to have your own business without lots of worry about not making when you think about opening a Supercuts Salon when you partner with Regis, because if you really think about it what does most people still do even when economic times and money is rough? They still got to the salon to get their hair cut, colored and styled right? Right so I’m thinking that it’s really something to think about if you are in the market for opening your own business!

Here is a little bit of information on Supercuts and Regis if you are interested in pursuing the opportunity:

Supercuts, one of the largest and most iconic salon brands in the country, has been ranked the number one hair-care franchise in the U.S. and the fifth best franchise opportunity overall in Entrepreneur magazine's annual "Franchise 500" issue. The Regis Corporation, parent company of Supercuts, is the authority on franchise business ownership in the hair care industry and offers a time-tested business model for anyone looking to start building a business of their own - no prior business or hair-care experience necessary. Supercuts will train you to run the business, and how to hire the right professional stylists to perform the actual services. If you are a professional considering business ownership, inquire about opening a hair care franchise with Supercuts!

Why Choose the Hair Care Industry?

The success of any franchise is dependent on the nature of the business. Unlike food service franchises with perishable inventory, round the clock hours, and unskilled labor, hair care is an industry worthy of consideration because it:
Is fundamental service in any community and any economic climate.
Most people choose not to ‘do it themselves’

Resists technological obsolescence
Is staffed by professionals – employees are educated, certified and trained
Has low, non-perishable inventory requirements.
Cannot be outsourced

Is about making people look and feel good about themselves.
Hair care is a high-demand, high-repeat cash business that serves a fragmented and local market. Supercuts can take the guess work out of setting up a successful operation of your own; one where successful national advertising creates brand recognition and value for each salon.

Why Supercuts?

A strong relationship between franchiser and franchisee is imperative to the success of any franchise, as well as the capability of your franchisor -- their financial health and their ability to keep products, services, and marketing current and relevant. Supercuts is owned by Regis Corporation. Regis is the global leader in hair care service. They are a Fortune 1000 company with almost 13,000 salon locations among 60 brands in hair care services, products, and education. Supercuts is Regis Corporation’s flagship franchise brand. Since 1922, Regis’s success has stemmed from their continued ability to innovate according to demand. Even in 2009’s economic uncertainty, Supercuts provided franchisees with the knowledge and confidence to open eighty new Supercuts across the country, bringing the franchise to over 2,100 locations throughout North America.

To foster a symbiotic relationship with franchisees, Regis uses total transparency to provide learning opportunities and offer access to the latest information and best practices on financial performance, incremental revenue opportunities, operational improvements, marketing, hiring, retention and business growth strategies. Regis is equally as invested in the success of franchised salons as their franchisees are.

Gary Grace, president of the Supercuts Franchise Association and a multi-unit franchisee himself, attributes the salon brand's success to the excellent working relationship that franchisees have with Regis Corporation. "This franchise has a tremendous, built-in support system that is hard to create on your own," Grace said. "We have strong leadership, attend conferences, share best practices and even have an online community bulletin board where we post questions, help each other out, and offer advice. Overall, this recognition reflects how well we all work together – from each Supercuts stylist to our franchisee network to Regis Corporation and their support."

How Can I Franchise a Supercuts?
Just like any other business, a franchise business will take sufficient capital to run while you’re getting to profitability as well as a willingness to be part of team, tenacity, making sound decisions, leadership and execution.

A potential franchisee must have the following qualifications:
$150K net worth minimum
Some business experience
Willing to open multiple units (Minimum of 3)

Now, I am by no means trying to talk anybody into opening up a Supercuts of their own or partnering in any way with Regis, I’m simply giving some of my readers that are interested and thinking about going into business for their self and searching for information on ideas, an idea that I fell like would be interesting and informative. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity feel free to visit http://www.regisfranchise.com/and if you like you can also stay connected by following Supercuts on Twitter and checking them out on Facebook!

Again, I’m not trying to sell a franchise I’m just giving my readers some information if they are interested in learning more about starting their own Supercuts business and I received no monetary compensation for this post, but I did receive a awesome little Regis Gift Bag in hopes I would post about this opportunity on my blog, with no promise of a positive review and nothing else was received.

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