Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yum Yum Dishes Review

The one thing I have been talking about over the past 6 months or so has been on my journey to loose weight which was going really well….that was until the holidays snuck up on my and I couldn’t control my snacking when it came to the homemade cookies and candies, so I started looking for a solution for my snacking problem to help me snack but snack less. I happened to be introduced to Yum Yum Dishes, and I was super excited to get to try them because after reading about them I thought….this could be my answer!

About Yum Yum Dishes (taken from website):

Limited Portions just got fun!

The Yum Yum Dish is for using to enjoy your favorite snacks. It helps remind you when you're all done!

Buy it in a bag, but eat it out of a Yum Yum Dish!

These finely crafted ceramic dishes tell you... Yum Yum time is Over!

Tracy created Yum Yum Dishes™ to help kids and grown-ups manage their snacking habits in a healthy way. Instead of eliminating all your favorite treats – enjoy them in moderation, in a Yum Yum Dish™!
Tracy is a former restaurateur and mother of two. Her Yum Yum Dishes™ are a great way to teach little ones about correct portions size and help to keep snack size in check for grown-ups, too!

My Thoughts:

I was sent a Yum Yum bowl to review and it arrived very quickly and just in time for Christmas and all the yummy…yet not so great for me goodies! The first thing I noticed about my Yum Yum bowl is that it’s small, and I thought that it may be too small to satisfy my cravings and I also think it’s just as adorable as a bowl can be! I was quickly proven wrong about my doubts that it would hold enough to satisfy my cravings, I followed the directions and only ate what I could put in the bowl the first time and I quickly noticed that once finishing what was in the bowl my craving was gone and I was completely satisfied and I absolutely love that the bottom of the bowl tells me that Yum Yum time is over and that has really helped keep me in line and not going back for refills!

I was a little apprehensive about putting my Yum Yum bowl in the microwave and dishwasher so for the first couple of days I would warm whatever I wanted to put in my bowl up before putting it in my Yum Yum bowl and I would hand wash my bowl even though I knew that the website says it will stand up to either. I eventually got past that and decided to do a full review I would have to use my bowl in both the microwave and dishwasher so I gave in and did and I’m most happy to report that my bowl is perfectly fine!!!! I’ve used my bowl every day since receiving it and after all the warming and washing it still looks like brand new!

I use my Yum Yum bowl for much more than just helping control my snacking portions I also use it to give my son his fruits and veggies sometimes at dinner because he seems to eat better out of what he calls “his size” bowl and that’s completely fine with me because I know he is getting his fruits and veggies this way! I have also used my bowl to serve specialty salsas and cheeses on taco night and it works great for those as well. And for more snack time ideas check out the snack ideas at Yum Yum Dishes website!

Bottom Line:

Now, I didn’t loose any weight over the holidays but I am now fully back on my mission to loose weight and I can guarantee that my Yum Yum Bowl is going to be a vital essential in my continued weight loss journey! I have really enjoyed having the Yum Yum bowl right at my fingertips when the snack monster starts knocking on my door, I feel like if I keep to the Yum Yum bowl portion when snacking during the day and choosing healthy snacks too put in my bowl it will help me achieve my goal weight.

If you are looking to loose some extra weight but still want to be able to snack I really recommend purchasing a set of the Yum Yum Dishes!

Buy It:

To purchase a set of Yum Yum Dishes visit the Yum Yum Dishes website!

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This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion with the product listed above. I did receive the Yum Yum Dish mentioned above complementary for this review. No monetary compensation was received.

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