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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rudolph Foods Review

Snack foods…..who doesn’t love snacking on yummy snacks during the day and sometimes even though it’s bad for your at night while watching your favorite T.V shows? I know we do, and we do probably more than we should around here and my snack of choice is chips….point blank I love chips of all kinds and pork rinds, I don’t know why I love pork rinds so much, maybe it’s the crunch or the thin crispy flavor, or just because I grew up eating them with my dad but I’m a huge fan of pork rinds and I eat them quite regularly so when I had the opportunity to review some products from Rudolph Foods I was quite excited about getting to try their different kinds of pork rinds!!

About Rudolph Foods (Taken From Website):

For 55 years, Rudolph Foods’ commitment to excellence has been passed from generation to generation, just like their love for flavorful, traditional pork rinds snacks. In 1955, John Rudolph learned of an untapped market for pork rinds and the Ohio entrepreneur quickly launched his own company producing pork rinds from smoked bacon rinds.

Two years later the company would face its first big challenge, the meat industry no longer smoked the rind on the bacon. Under pressure to save their fledgling business, John’s wife, Mary, put her home economics background to work and invented a revolutionary process the company still uses today.

With Mary’s surefire recipe and John’s leadership, Rudolph Foods became a snack industry success story. Since then, John and his sons have continued to dramatically expand their business and the family tradition.

Today, the company has six facilities in the United States and three International ventures. With over 350 employees, Rudolph Foods has launched into new areas of the snack food industry while maintaining its presence as the nation’s leading producer of pork rinds and cracklin snacks.

Our Thoughts:

Now, my husband and I rarely ever agree on the same snacks to keep in the house but the one snack that we are sure to agree on is pork rinds, but we don’t always agree on what variety so when we received the package from Rudolph Foods and seen the different varieties of pork rinds we were very happy and couldn’t wait to get to trying them out!!!

We were sent a package of each of the following flavors: Original, Bar-B-Que, Hot & Spicy and Sea Salt. I have to say I loved every one of the flavors we were sent I hate to really admit this but I sat and ate all of the Sea Salt pork rinds all by myself! I have always loved Bar-B-Que flavored pork rinds and these were some of the best Bar-B-Que flavored pork rinds I have ever ate (and I’ve ate a lot). I do want to mention the Hot & Spicy flavor for sure because these are defiantly my most favorite from all the flavors we were sent to try and my hubby agrees, the spicy really sneaks up on you with these pork rinds! The flavor is amazing but be warned that once you eat your last Hot & Spicy pork rind that you are going to be hit by some heat, I wasn’t really expecting it and was telling my husband that they weren’t really hot but boy was I ever wrong they really made their heat felt after the last bite, but they are still by far my favorite out of the bunch!

We were also sent a couple bags of their Louisiana Hot OnYums and these are delicious as well they really give a new meaning to onion rings to us here in our home and we are defiantly putting these yummy Hot Flavored Rings on our future shopping list!

The last product we were sent to review were a couple packages of their Cinnamon Churros and these are soooo good they make a wonderful after dinner desert, especially when you are having a Mexican type dish! “Bug” didn’t really care for the pork rinds or the OnYums but he has really enjoyed these Cinnamon Churros!

Bottom Line:

We are truly hooked on Rudolph Food’s pork rinds, OnYums and Cinnamon Churros and they are a must have on our weekly shopping list and are making themselves a permanent tenant of our panty on our snack shelf!

I suggest if you like pork rinds, onion rings or churros you check out Rudolph Foods and their brands of each because I feel you may just become an addict yourself! These are a must try for any pork rind lover!

Buy It:
To purchase any of the products mentioned above visit their website or check a local grocery store near you!

You can connect with Rudolph Foods via Twitter and Facebook!

This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion with the product listed above. I did receive the products mentioned above complementary for this review. No monetary compensation was received.

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