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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dot Girl First Period Products Review

All women hate it, or at least every woman I know hates it….what am I talking about you may be asking yourself? Well I’m talking about that little visit almost all women get once a month from good ol’ Mother Nature! Yep, that’s right our periods! I know that I’m one who really, really hates that time of the month, it’s not because I hurt or anything like that it’s just a really bad inconvenients for me. But, however I do remember my first little visit from Mother Nature, and it really wasn’t a pleasant one, my mother had talked about it some but never in large detail, and it just so happened I was on a weekend trip with the school to the 6th grade camp so I had to ask one of the older girls that had went with us for feminine products and it really wasn’t fun at all! My little cousin is right at the right age for Mother Natures first visit so when I came across Dot Girl First Period Products I knew that one of their kits would be perfect for her since.

About Dot Girl First Period Products (Taken From Website):

Our goal at Dot Girl Products is that every girl has a positive first period experience and an empowered first step to womanhood.

We are two sisters, Terri Goodwin and Kathy Pickus, who founded Dot Girl Products in December of 2006. We bring our experience as daughters and mothers to help you honestly address an uncomfortable topic.

Our motivation to create The Dot Girl's First Period Kit® grew from our own awkward teenage experiences. Despite the fact that our mother was a wonderful nurturer to four daughters, she was never comfortable talking to us about our bodies. We found that this is more often the rule than the exception for both moms and dads. And the reality today is that parents often find themselves in the awkward position of having avoided the subject at all costs, to the detriment of their daughters.

Our goal for the kit is to provide parents with the information and supplies you need to explain the basics of menstruation to your daughters. And for the girls, we hope that having the kit will lessen their anxiety about their first period and instead turn it into a positive experience.

The Dot Girl's First Period Kit® is a Mom's Choice Awards® Gold Recipient

My Thoughts:

I was sent one of Dot Girl First Period Products newly revised The Dot Girl First Period Kit® to review and it could not have come at a better time, when my little cousins mom was trying to tell her about her monthly period so I thought this would be perfect to help her along and I have to say her mom was very happy to receive this kit.

Before I passed the kit along to my little cousin and her mom I wanted to make sure I got a good feel of the kit so that I can do an honest review here on my blog so I carefully opened the kit and had a look at what is inside. The kit includes:

The Dot Girl Period Answer Book answers twenty common questions about menstruation including:
How many days will I bleed?
When will I get my first period?
How do I track my period?
What about cramps?
What is a period anyway?

Written in an easy-to-read and positive tone, it covers the basics of menstruation in one compact booklet.
5 Feminine Pads
5 Disposal Bags for disposing of used pads.
1 Reusable Dot Girl Warm Pad, a gel heating pad for soothing cramps
2 Hand Wipes

It all comes in a very neat little carrying case so that you can keep it all together and I also love the fact that you can use this case over and over to keep it stocked to carry along with you.

The first item I just had to inspect was the The Dot Girl Period Answer Book and believe me when I say I wish I would have had one of these when I got my first period it answered many of the questions that I had. I also have to check out the Reusable Dot Girl Warm Pad, a gel heating pad for soothing cramps, just too see exactly how it worked and boy did it ever heat up just right and it was so easy to reset and only took a few minuets!

Once I gave this kit to my little cousins mom she gave it to her and of course she still has a few questions but I think in time with the help of her mom and this wonderful kit that she will be able to make the transition a whole lot easier than I did!

Bottom Line:

You don’t know how bad I would have liked to have something like this all those years ago when I experienced my first period! I think this is a wonderful kit full of very useful information and the products that are included are for me must haves! Like I said above I love the carrying case and that you can always keep it stocked with all the items your daughters/cousins/sister/ yourself…..well you get the picture will need for their periods.

I think this is a must have for any young girl that is on their way to experiencing their first periods. But, Dot Girl Products offers more than just this period kit, they also offer underwear, books, Scensibles and Skin care on their website as well as links to other important and relative information that you can share.

Buy It:
You can get your hands on one of these must have kits by going to the Dot Girl Products website.

You can Connect with Dot Girl Products on Facebook and Twitter!

This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion with the product listed above. I did receive The Dot Girl's First Period Kit® mentioned above complementary for this review. No monetary compensation was received.

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