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Thursday, July 1, 2010

FRESHhanger Review and Giveaway

Don’t you just hate it when summer/winter rolls around and you dig the appropriate clothing out of the back of your closet and have to re-wash them even though they are still clean because of the stale/musky smell? Yeah, well me too but I think I may have found the solution we all need: FRESHhanger!!!

About FRESHhanger (Taken From Website):

FRESHhanger's unique clothing odor removal technology uses activated carbon molecules to absorb odor. This space-tested material leaves clothes refreshed from perspiration, smoke, food and other unpleasant odors.

FRESHhanger's Clothing Odor Removal Characteristics

* Absorbs Odors
* Keeps clothes fresher between washing/dry cleaning.
* Space Age Technology
* Natural activated carbon material—the most absorbent material in the world—absorbs odors fast.
* Fragrance Free
* Does not mask odor or impart strong unwanted scent.
* Long Lasting
* Effective for up to 6 months.
* Freshens Closets
* Keeps closets smelling fresher.
* Clothes Last Longer
* Less required washing prevents clothes from fading and wearing out.
* Fits Any Hanger
* Easily slips on hangers of every shape and size.
* Reduces Humidity
* Absorbs humidity that can make clothing and closet odors worse.

Our Thoughts:

We were sent a 5-pack of FRESHhanger to review in our home. Now some of you may not know but we lived with my parents a few months before moving into the home we now live in and as much as I hate to admit it my father smokes and smokes quite a bit (although we are trying to encourage him to quit) so you can imagine the smokey smell on all of our clothing. I had planned on washing all of them but I just couldn’t justify using that much water to clean clothes that had already been washed so when I got the opportunity to try out FRESHhanger I as thrilled.

Once we received the FRESHhanger set I we to work putting them up in our closets, let me tell you they are super easy and quick to put on all you do is slip it down over your regular hangers! I used them with both wire hangers and plastic hangers and I had no problem putting them on either. With in a few days I had noticed the smell of cigarette smoke was not nearly as strong and I rotated the clothing on the 5hangers every other day and it has made an amazing difference and kept me from having to rewash all of our clothing, now with only 5 hangers it’s impossible to remove all of the smell and muskiness out of the closet but as we wear and wash the clothing it will eventually be smell free and with FRESHhanger I can keep it that way!!!

FRESHhanger recommends changing your FRESHhanger every six months to new ones and with their prices it’s a very small investment to make to keep your clothing and closets smelling nice and fresh!! My husband and I have discussed it and are planning on purchasing more of these for his work clothing, because with him being a mechanic and all the grease and gas he gets on him in a single days work it really doesn’t matter how much we wash/soak and repeat his work uniforms are still very stinky but with the FRESHhanger it’s really made a difference to us!!
Over all we are very pleased with the results we have gotten with FRESHhanger and will continue to purchase and use them! I also recommend you check them out for yourself if you need a little fresh added to your closets.

Buy It:
To purchase FRESHhanger for yourself visit their website!
Win It:
FRESHhanager has offered one of my readers a 5-pack of FRESHhanger to try out in your home!

Mandatory Entry: Visit FRESHhanger and tell me something you learnt that I didn‘t mention here! Please remember to leave your e-mail address if it’s not visible in your profile.

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This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion with the product listed above. I did receive a 5-pack of FRESHhanger complementary for this review. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. i learned it uses activated carbon to absorb odors.

  2. I learned that carbon is used to absorb the odors (just like in water purification)


  3. FreshHanger was featured in the USA TODAY Magazine in January 2010.

  4. I learned that Fresh Hanger is 6 times more effective than airing out clothes.

  5. I learned they Absorb humidity that can make clothing and closet odors worse.

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  6. Fresh Hanger is 6 times more effective than airing out clothes.


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  9. Subscribe to feed via a reader


  10. I LEARNED THE FOLLOWING - kytah00@yahoo.com

    "Activated Carbon is scientifically proven to effectively absorb and eliminate odors due to its naturally highly porous structure. FRESHhanger harnesses this amazing technology to effectively deodorize clothing."

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  13. fun fact

    Activated carbon has a random, imperfect structure which is highly porous over a broad range of pore sizes - from visible cracks and crevices to molecular dimensions. This structure gives carbon its very large surface area which allows carbon to absorb a wide range of compounds.

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  16. I learned they can absorb humidity that can make clothing and closet odors worse.

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  19. It's 6x more effective than airing out your clothes.


  20. I learned that these hangers reduce odor by 88% in just 4 hours.
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  23. i learned it uses activated carbon to absorb odors.


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  25. They sell a 5-pack, a 10-pack, and a 20-pack. vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

  26. They reduce odor by 88% in just 4 hours.


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