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My Pride and Joy!
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kidlandia Review

I just love to find fun and unique gifts and home décor for my little man! And have I got a super fun online store to share with you all today….called Kidlandia! As soon as I started looking around at all their adorable and uniquely personalized gifts and décor for kids rooms, I was immediately drawn to their family tree poster. I am huge into looking up information about “Bug’s” family tree so this was perfect for our little guy and when I was offered a product to review from Kidlandia, I immediately knew what product I was going to customize and choose!

About Kidlandia (taken from website):

The founder of Kidlandia, illustrator and entrepreneur Brian Backus, has been living in a fantasy world of maps and monsters since he was a very little boy.

Kidlandia grew out of Brian’s 2004 concept to create personalized maps of imaginary kingdoms for children’s rooms. He believed that by providing children their own kingdoms, with friendly monsters as companions, kids would gain an increased sense of confidence, control, and self-worth. In addition, by naming the cities, islands, and other features of the kingdoms after family and friends, kids would feel more connected to those who love them. Brian, who produced educational multimedia titles for Disney and Voyager, was also intrigued by the idea that by engaging kids in namesake kingdoms, he could motivate them to understand maps, and accelerate reading skills.

Although the maps cost up to $2,000 and were only sold by word of mouth, Brian could not keep up with demand. He received consistent feedback that the maps were among the favorite gifts of a lifetime. In response to this encouragement, he determined to make the maps more widely available, and at affordable prices. Kidlandia was born.

Today, Kidlandia is comprised of a team of talented engineers, designers, and business professionals. Kidlandian team members share a passion to bring delight and meaning to the lives of children and their families. 2.5% of Kidlandia’s founding stock has been set aside as the basis for a future charitable Foundation benefiting children.

Our Thoughts:

I was given the opportunity to customize one of their family trees for “Bug” and I have to say that I really enjoyed the entire process of making the family tree just for “Bug”. Not only is this design adorable but the entire process of adding the names to the tree is very simple and takes no time at all….just simply type in the name in the slot and submit them to the tree and in less than fifteen minuets my tree was complete and ready to be put in the cart and bought.

I was very happy at the turn around time on this poster as well…I expected with this being a customized poster it would take a couple of weeks at least but within 7-8 business days we had our family tree poster on our doorstep. I also have to brag about the packaging of the poster, I have ordered from other companies in the past and the posters arrived in well not so great packaging and one was ripped and the other was really wrinkled. But that was totally not the case with the poster from Kidlandia, it was packaged very nicely in a tube were the poster was carefully rolled up and shipped where it arrived rip and wrinkle free!

Once we got it out and had a chance to have a look, it was even more adorable in person, I just love all the colors and the names look wonderful! My dad is currently working on a custom wood frame to put it in and once we get the frame finished I will be sure to post the picture of the finished print and frame, I know it is going to turn out awesome! “Bug” has really enjoyed looking at the poster and picking out all of our names and he can now recognize all of our names and know where we go on the family tree!

Bottom Line:

Kidlandia is the best place to find fun, unique and personalized gifts and décor for kiddos. Not only are the products adorable and easy to customize but they are very affordable as well.

I would recommend Kidlandia to anyone looking for a fun gift for a little one, no matter what they are into, you will be able to find something that will be perfect. Kidlandia products are perfect for birthdays, holidays and any occasion.

Buy It:
To purchase the Family Tree Poster mentioned above and many more adorable customizable products visit the Kidlandia website!

This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion with the product listed above. I did receive the Kidlandia Family Tree Poster mentioned above complementary for this review. No monetary compensation was received.

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