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Friday, June 3, 2011

Bright Starts Peek-a-Pal Review

As many of my readers know I have a real close family member that is expecting her second little boy and I had one of my best friends give birth to her first little boy about a month or so ago, so even though I don’t have a tiny one myself I am always on the lookout for fun toys and gifts for the new mom’s and mom’s to be. I just love making super cute little gift baskets that have all kinds of goodies for the new mom and the new little ones as well. Recently I was sent a Peek-a-Pal from Bright Starts to review and as soon as it arrived I knew that baby C would just love it!

About Bright Starts Peek-a-Pal (taken from website):

This plush friend plays peek-a-boo while on-the-go! With just a little pull of the handle, the worm stretches out of the apple and vibrates back inside. Sensory stimulating features include high contrast colors to help develop baby’s sense of sight and multiple textures for tactile development.

*Pull handle to see plush worm stretch out of the apple and vibrate back inside
*High contrast colors and patterns help develop baby’s sense of sight
*Multiple textures for tactile development
*Crinkle leaves and rattle beads stimulate auditory development
*Easily attaches to carriers, strollers, and more for on-the-go fun

My Thoughts:

Once our Peek-a-Pal arrived I immediately took it out of the package even though I knew what it was I still couldn’t wait to get it out and look at it! I’ve always been fond of infant toys and even more so now that I am a mother, I can remember when my little sister was born (she is 7yrs younger than I am) that back then there wasn’t all these cool infant toys for her to play with and now there are so many and they are not only adorable but help with the babies senses! Anyways back to the product at hand. I handed it straight to “Bug” since I knew he would want to check it out himself and it was as if he knew exactly how to make this toy work because as if on cue he pulled the cute black and white handle down and made the worm stretch up as if it was coming right out of the apple! It was very cute to see him do it and realize he made it work since he is such a big boy but after looking it over good he decided we needed to give this to baby C since it was a baby toy and he was a big boy!

Baby C seemed to really like to watch the worm and it really grabbed his attention with all its bright colors and the fact that when the worm goes back into the apple it vibrates. He also seemed to enjoy playing with the leaves and apple and to feel all the different textures an to make the leaves crinkle and to shake it and make it rattle. I have a feeling that the Peek-a-Pal will be a must have on long car trips and trips to the store to keep baby C occupied and happy!

Bottom Line:

My personal thoughts on the Peek-a-Pal is that I just think this is a really cool toy for infants and I love that it’s not only adorable but it helps develop the babies sense of sights and feel. Bright Starts has done it again and created an affordable toy that babies seem to love, even “Bug” at three and K had to check it out and wanted to play with it a little before baby C got it.

If you are looking for an infant toy that will not only bring a smile to your little ones face but also help develop their senses I highly recommend the Peek-a-Pal from Bright Starts. This would make a wonderful new baby gift or addition to a beautiful baby gift basket, diaper cake or baby wreath!

Buy It:
To purchase the Peek-a-Pal mentioned for around $6.99 and more from Bright Starts visit the Bright Starts website to buy or to find a retailer near you!

This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion with the product listed above. I did receive the Peek-a-Pal mentioned above complementary for this review. No monetary compensation was received.

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