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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Broadway Nails Review

I don’t admit it often but this time I will step up and say yes I’m a diva at times! I love to have my hair fixed just right, have beautiful nails and awesome make-up but since becoming a mom I’ve found I don’t have the time or money I used to on my personal self. I do however like to take time to do the things I can do myself that cost lets than going out and having it done “professionally”. One of my absolute favorite “mommy treats” is going out and getting a manicure with acrylic nails but finding the time is almost impossible so I’ve turned to doing them myself and with the help of Broadway Nails it’s a perfect manicure every time, in less time and less money!

About Broadway Nails (Taken From Website):

Broadway Nails is the second largest brand in the artificial category, behind its sister brand Kiss (www.kissusa.com). Broadway Nails is the leading value brand for all consumer artificial nail and nail accessory needs, consistently offering beginner to intermediate nail consumers latest styles and trends for a complete nail transformation. Broadway Nails delivers on products that are quick, easy, and innovative at the right price and value.

Both Broadway and Kiss (www.kissusa.com) belong to the company Kiss Products, the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of professional quality nail products. The company originated in the lucrative beauty supply market. As the popularity of the products soared, distribution was quickly expanded to the mass-market arena from Walgreens to Walmart. Capitalizing on this success, Kiss Products became the first company to bring quality, professional nail care directly to the consumer, creating easy-to-use, all-in-one kits so she can achieve Salon Results at home. Each of these quality products originated from Kiss' innovative thinking and vast salon experience.

To maintain its leadership position, Kiss Products continues to study the needs of its diverse, global consumers. Introducing her to the category at a young age is key; therefore in 2005, Pink by Kiss (www.gopinknails.com) was developed to build an appealing brand for the tween consumer in the nail accessories category. For this line, Kiss Products has combined youth, innovation, and fashion, creating new products that bring younger girls the latest styles and trends on nail designs. Pink by Kiss (www.gopinknails.com), Kiss (www.kissusa.com) and Broadway Nails continue to rank highest in sales and consumer satisfaction.

Kiss Products’ success expanded around the globe as more and more retailers found the innovation and quality offered was like no other brand. Retailers like Boots UK, Sephora France, AS Watson Hong Kong and London Drugs in Canada continue to drive growth. Today, Kiss (www.kissusa.com), Pink by Kiss (www.gopinknails.com), and Broadway Nails brands are available in over 95 countries worldwide.

Kiss Products Inc. is located in New York just 20 miles outside of New York City on the exclusive north shore of Long Island. A diverse workforce with a multitude of talent and energy work to deliver top selling products at the best possible quality

My Thoughts:

Earlier this week I attended a Webinar for Broadway Nails, now I have always been a fan of Broadway Nail when doing my nails from home simply because of the wonderful selection of products that they offer! I have always been able to find the perfect nails to match my mood or an event that I was attending. Just when I thought I knew exactly how to “do” my own nails it turns out that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. I did learn a lot actually, my biggest problem with the nails was always the tiny air bubbles that would bug the heck out of me, as it turns out I wasn’t using enough glue on each of the nails I only used just a drop and I should have been using glue not only on the plastic nail but also on my real nail. I also learnt that taking them off I’ve been doing a super big No-No, I would always just pry the nail off my original nail and just ignore the directions to use acetone polish remover so from now on it’s going to be the only way I will be taking my plastic nails off. So using the information I received in the webinar and armed with several of the products that are new from Broadway Nails I set out last night to “do this thing right” while my husband was watching “Bug”!

The set of nails I decided on wearing for this first review was the new Fashion Diva-Mismatch Manicure called Harajuku Style in Love (which is my absolute favorite of the products I was sent!!)

I started my journey by laying out all ten nails in the order they needed to go on my fingers:

Then starting with my dominate hand (my right) I used my left hand to apply all five nails making sure I put plenty of glue and started at the cuticle area of my original nail. I made sure to leave the tabs on until of was fished with the entire hand. (Boy are these tabs super handy, they make applying the nail without gluing your fingers together so much easier).

I repeated the same process this time using my right hand to apply the nails to my left! And after what seemed like no time at all (10 mins) I had a beautiful manicure done by me in the comfort of my own home!

And the finished product:

I am so proud of how this set of nails turned out no air bubbles at all even today, so that’s awesome and the colors of the nails are so cool and my son will tell me what color every one of my nails is, so these are helping me teach him his colors and be a fashion diva all at the same time.. Cool Huh??? I’ve never really went out of the normal French tip color on my nails but since receiving these and loving them and all the other products I got to try out I’m now very open minded and I can tell you that I will be having more wild styles to come!! I really can’t stress enough how much I really enjoyed learning all the things I did during the Webinar and how much I love Broadway Nails!!

Be sure to check back next week when I review the Blush nails in the Fashion Diva series!! Also go over and check out all the designes on their Website!!

Buy It:
To purchase these nails for yourself visit your local drug store, Wal-Mart or anywhere Broadway Nails are sold!

This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion with the product listed above. I did receive the Broadway Nails mentioned above complementary for this review and for attending the Webinar. No monetary compensation was received.


  1. Hey these are really cool! I like the tabs... that makes it a LOT easier! Thanks for the review. I'm gonna have to try these!

  2. Those nails look so cute on you, how fun! I couldn't believe how easy they were to apply the first time either - the removal process was a breeze too. The remover kit Kiss makes is great, can't live without it!

  3. I LOVE this line too! The colors are so fun for summer, and I also love how easy they are to apply! The tabs really do help the application process. They also don't ruin your natural nails when your ready to remove them!

  4. I have totally wanted to try this particular style...just haven't done it yet...I am hoping they go on sale at the drugstore rather soon so I can pick some up :) :) This particular style isn't easily found where I live...I've seen them at walmart for $6 or something and should just pick them up....


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