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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

be present Review

As I have mentioned numerous times before I am on a journey of self-healing for both my mind and body so naturally I’ve turned to yoga as one of my main methods of exercise and self-healing. Now, with that said practicing yoga is very difficult if you don’t have the right equipment such as your mat and other must have items, but what you may not know is it’s also less comfortable if you aren’t wearing appropriate clothing, so I’ve been on a journey to find the perfect yoga clothing and I was recently introduced to be present and their line of super comfy yoga gear!

About be present(taken from website):

be original:
be present, a clothing line carried in yoga studios, boutiques, spas and resorts throughout the United States and the World, incorporates the yoga philosophy into the design. be present began as clothing for yogis and yoga instructors, and evolved into a company rooted in the experience of yoga, but designed for those who value versatile, simple, comfortable clothing. Yoga is a centuries old eastern philosophy with contemporary devotees, and yoga clothing needed a modern look that embraced and respected the philosophy without being commercial. Our pants are designed to weather the street as much as they are designed to hit the mat. In the years since the first be present pant was introduced, our line has set the industry standard for versatile, agile and mobile yoga pants. be present has consistently been on the forefront of creativity and originality in the yoga world. As the line evolves into a company rooted in the yogic lifestyle but accessible to anyone who values high quality, fashionable and active clothing, we will continue to be a leader in innovative designs.

be present:
Modern day yoga is often characterized with an appreciation of the present moment. be present is more than a clothing line, it is a way of life. To be present, one must always live a balanced lifestyle: listen to your body, let yourself daydream, have fun, sweat, pay attention to your social, sexual and spiritual being. At the core of be present are the seven chakras. Symbolizing energy centers in the body, each chakra is associated with a color and a symbol. Chakras are essential to the clothing line - which consists of shirts, pants, camisoles and matching chakra panties. The colors for the line are inspired by the colors of the chakras. Need more grounding? Red is root chakra, attributed to stability and inner strength. Want to feel sexy? Orange is sacral chakra, associated with being sensual. Big day ahead of you? Yellow is solar plexus chakra, associated with energy and increased confidence. Need a hug? Green is heart chakra, associated with compassion and unconditional love. Feeling shy? Blue is throat chakra, associated with increased communication and creativity. Want to be psychic? Indigo is third eye chakra, associated with the unconscious self. Need wisdom? Purple is crown chakra, associated with wisdom and the spiritual world.

Wear be present to yoga, to the grocery store, to hike, to cycle, to dinner, to relax, to be. Wear be present to be in the moment, to live.

be present: clothing for yoga, clothing for life

be audacious:
We are a grassroots and family owned company infused with the spirit of yoga. The story begins in early 2002, when Amy Lopatin Dobrin started be present. She was inspired to create a line of clothing that was stylish and vibrant, and coming from an athletic tradition that included years of practicing yoga, she saw the need for yoga apparel that wicked, dried quickly, and most importantly, looked good. After spending years in the mountains of Colorado, Amy saw how advanced ski apparel had become with wicking fabrics, quick drying layers and breathable jackets. Although skiing and yoga are entirely different practices, she brought the technically advanced aspect of ski apparel to yoga. Introduced in the first public line, Breathe WeaveTM, is a wicking, breathable, versatile fabric that is exclusive to be present.

Amy first designed yoga pants for her brother, Ian Lopatin, owner of At One Yoga in Arizona. Ian loved the pants so much, he asked Amy to make enough to sell in his studios in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. At One Yoga remains one of be present's largest clients. During these initial creative stages of be present, Amy joined forces with her husband, Jon Dobrin. He had the skills and knowledge as a businessman to assist Amy in the fundamentals of running a business. Jon and Amy tested the initial designs in yoga and Pilates classes. Amy desired a pant that could be worn both in and out of the studio and tweaked her designs until she had a product that was ready for the active lifestyle of a yogi.

We are a small family owned business that values close relationships with clients, environmentally friendly practices and doing the right thing. Every item of clothing is proudly made in the USA. We like to think of ourselves as a family of creative spirits who love yoga, love clothing and love to have a good time. We wear be present clothes to yoga, to travel, to hike and to have fun. The be present line is constantly growing, and Amy continues to develop products that we are excited to share. Amy's designs stand apart in the yoga industry. She has found a niche for clothing that was versatile enough for casual wear, but ready for the rigors of yoga. be present now has a following of yogis from around the country and around the world, and her designs are propelling be present to the forefront of the yoga apparel industry. Stay tuned to the evolution of be present and see what's next in the ever growing yoga world.

My Thoughts:

I was sent the Renew Ribbed Chakra Tank in Olive with the Solar Plexus symbol on the back to review and I was very excited when it arrived. Even though it’s super cold right now with most days getting no more than around 32 degrees, I still had to try out my new tank from be present! Before I get started with my official review I wanted to let you all know about the Renew Ribbed Chakra Tank (information taken from website)

Renew Ribbed Chakra Tank


• Each shirt made diverts 3-5 plastic bottles from a landfill
• Fitted body with long torso
• 2 x 1 knit rib
• Heathered colors
• Extremely soft
• Available in 7 chakra colors with the corresponding chakra printed on the back

Fabric: 50% RPET / 50% Organic Cotton - 50% RPET / 50% Organic Cotton – rPET is a fabric developed from recycled plastic bottles; blending rPET with Organic Cotton results in a soft, comfortable knit fabric

First off I love the color of this tank as well as the solar plexus symbol on the back of the tank is also pretty awesome! After putting this tank on it’s seriously hard to believe that it is made from plastic bottles, it is extremely comfortable. I ordered a size large and to be honest I usually like to order my tops a size bigger than I traditionally wear but in this case I decided to stick to large and I’m so glad I did, this shirt fits perfectly, it’s tight like a tank should be but no too tight to make me feel uncomfortable wearing it!

I’ve wore this tank to practice my yoga and it’s super comfortable and very flexible. I also like to wear this tank under other tops when going out as well as I’ve wore it to bed a couple of times and I just can’t say enough good things about this tank in general I totally love it and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the other Renew Ribbed Chakra Tanks that be present offers!

I’ve wore this tank several times since it arrived and I’m extremely happy with the quality and durability of it. I’ve put it through the wash/dry cycle many times and it’s always came out just like new, no shrinkage and doesn’t fade on to my other clothing washed with it what-so-ever! I can’t wait until this summer when I can make my new Renew tank part of my summer wear when I’m out and about at either the drag strip or doing some kind of outdoors events!

Bottom Line:

As if you couldn’t tell already I love my Renew tank, everything from the color, symbol and durability! I’m very excited to have found be present and their awesome line of clothing and I can guarantee that I am going to be adding more of these awesomely comfortable clothing to my wardrobe collection very soon!

If you are looking for durable and comfortable clothing for yoga or well just for any reason, I have to say that I totally recommend be present for all of you clothing needs! Not only will you be purchasing super comfortable, fashionable clothing your also helping the environment when you purchase one of their Renew items!

Buy It:
To purchase Renew Ribbed Chakra Tank visit the be present website!

Connect with be present on Facebook and Twitter!

This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion with the product listed above. I did receive the Renew Ribbed Chakra Tank mentioned above complementary for this review. No monetary compensation was received.

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