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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ZeroWater Pitcher Review

I don’t know about all of you out there but I’m not real high on tap water straight from the faucet. So I spend countless dollars on bottled and distilled water for my family. I have tried other filter products out on the market today to try and save money but I have yet to find a product that I was satisfied with! That is until I heard about the ZeroWater Pitcher!

About the ZeroWater Pitcher (taken from their website)

The ZeroWater® technology was first developed to solve a mother’s fatigue from dragging gallons of bottled water jugs home from the grocery store. A father and son put their respective manufacturing and chemistry backgrounds to use to develop an in-home water filtration solution to meet the mother’s approval.

That quest led them to an in-depth study of the technologies successfully used in industrial, environmental, and even government applications for water filtration. That, in turn, led them to ask the question: Why can’t families have the same quality of water derived from those proven technologies? Only when they tried to answer that question did the father and son team find that home users were being completely neglected by the makers of the sophisticated water filtration technologies. Instead, families were being pushed to buy conventional and simple carbon based filters for their in-home filtration.

The means and method of the technology development were as unconventional as the water filter they would ultimately create. Development discussions primarily took place in the family study and the local university library while designs were tested in the kitchen and the back porch using nearby lake water. Filtered water from each design was taken to the university lab for testing. Through a great deal of trial and error, a design construct was finally chosen that combined the right sophisticated filtration mediums, in the right proportions, in the right sequence, with the right flow to ensure maximum filtration and full use of the superior filter materials.

The quality of the resulting filtered water tested extremely superior to anything the family had seen available in stores for in-home use. In addition, the water even tested as good as or better than the water from many industrial or commercial filters. The excitement of a possible business opportunity arose once the father and son team discovered that their filtered water was so good, it seemed to be found in nature only from really fresh snow at the highest mountain tops.

After the mother’s emphatic approval of the taste of the water, the father and son started meeting business people to look at how to bring the technology to homes and families across the country. That led to the first patent, which was awarded in 1996, and three additional patents being awarded in later years. The underlying hope behind the ZeroWater® technology was that the in-home drinking water solution that satisfied one family so many years ago could be the solution for many families today that have an even stronger desire and need for in-home filtration to save money, help the environment and provide the very best in water for their families and friends.

When you buy a Zero Water filter pitcher we include a laboratory-calibrated water tester—called a TDS meter. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids, and represents the amount of dissolved substances in parts per million in the water we drink. These substances can negatively affect the way your water tastes.

Unlike conventional gravity-fed water filters, Zero Water’s patented 5-stage ion-exchange filter delivers the only filtered water to measure absolute 000 on the TDS meter. Compare that to the level in your tap water, even after being filtered through the leading filter pitchers.

Meter readings for tap water average between 75 and 300 and can go even higher. Conventional water filters only take out a small portion of these dissolved solids which can cause bad tastes.

With your TDS meter you can test your water yourself, and taste the difference. When. Zero Water® is the only filtered water from a pitcher that meets FDA definition for purified bottled water.* So, if it’s not all zeros, it’s not ZeroWater®.

Also use your tester to monitor filter replacement: when your meter reads 006, it’s time to replace your Zero Water® filter

* Filtered potable tap water tested by an independent lab (not the FDA) to meet specifically the water quality requirements for using the label "purified". Compared to water produced by leading gravity fed filters.

Our Thoughts:

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out ZeroWater for myself and I have to say my family and I loved this pitcher! When the product arrived I was so excited to try it that I had to open it right away! I followed the directions setting it up! The kit I received included: one Pitcher, one filter, and one TDS meter. As soon as I got the pitcher ready I tested my first glass of water that was straight from the tap:

The water came back with a reading of 028 reading before I ran it thru the ZeroWater Pitcher!

After running the tap water thru the pitcher I tested again and it had the reading of 000!

Afterward I wanted to test out the taste difference between the waters. I set up two glasses of water and had my husband taste each one and tell me if there was a difference and have him guess which glass was from the ZeroWater Pitcher. I myself had already tested the water and I have to say I could really tell the difference in the taste of the water and when he tried them his results were the same as mine, we both preferred the ZeroWater of the tap water! So now thanks to ZeroWater I can save some much needed cash by not buying the bottled water for my family. Right now you can save up to $30 when you check out the ZeroWater website.

My family and I really recommend ZeroWater to everyone looking to give their family a healthier water choice without spending the money on bottled water. You can buy your own ZeroWater kit like the one I received for $35 via their website.

This review is based strictly my opinion. Others may have a different opinion with the product listed above. I received the ZeroWater Pitcher mentioned above complementary for this review.

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